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Rock 'n' Roll Rampage - Events

Following on from last year's sold out event - Rock 'n' Roll Rampage 2 - is now in its final stages of organisation. Announcements will be made as they are available. Tickets will be available shortly. If you are interest in attending please get in contact and we will send you details.

Rampage Records - Releases

2017 for Rampage Records is going to be special. We start the year with the release of The Tennessee Hotshots latest 45rpm. This will be followed by another 45rpm release by Buick 55's. Other projects currently in production will see more of Scotland's top Rockin' sounds made available on vinyl.

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Rock 'n' Roll Rampage - Memorabilia

Memorabilia is not a primary issue for us, and for this reason we currently only have a limited stock of long sleeve shirts for Rampage Records and short sleeve shirts for Rock 'n' Roll Rampage. We hope to increase the range over the coming years, time permitting.